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Your yoga and ayurvada stay in India

Our local agency wants to introduce you to a vibrant india, a deep spiritual India off the beaten path. Whether you are an amateur, beginner or experienced yogis and Ayurveda, we are committed to your wishes to organize your individual or group authentic stay in places designed and adapted to a spirituality practice.

During your stay immerse yourself in the practice of Yoga, meditation and ayurveda a practice that will help to know your body better. Our yoga teachers, will teach you the various techniques of "pranayama" (breathing), "asanas" (positions) and 'dhyana' (meditation). You can also offer you Ayurveda massages at your chosen location.

You can also visit Hindu temples, walk in the surrounding villages to get in touch with local people, visit the fair trade market and you will meet so many opportunities to enrich your experience of discovery in India.

Your custom quote for your yoga and Ayurveda stay in India 

Let us know your travel needs and your wishes so that we can advise and create with you a customized tour for you trip to India ! 

We will reply as quicly as we can ! 

Nice memories

Our trip was so well organised and we felt safe travelling with this agency , India is such an increadible country and I would strongly recommand to book a trip with Vijay . He always has been here for us before and during the trip and even when we decided to change our itinerary during the trip , he did his best to make our wishes come true" Amanda and Danny from Australia. December 2010.

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