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South India

Your travel in South India 

"LIKE a giant wedge plunging into the Indian Ocean, the South India peninsula is the subcontinent's steamy heart and a lush contrast to the snow-capped peaks and sunbaked plains of the north."

The tropical south has a different pace to the rest of India – it is slow and soothing, much like the backwaters of Kerala. Renowned for its welcoming people, lush scenery, delicious food and distinctive gopuram temples, South India is the perfect destination if you are looking for a relaxing, yet culturally stimulating escape. These spiritual cliff-backed beaches are ideal for a meditative break and some of India’s finest Ayurvedic medicine is practiced in the laid-back spas and resorts of this region.

Your customized tour in South India

Our travel agent selects for you the best deals of tours and stays around South India. Find in the branch "travel itineraries" exemple of tour in South India created by our expert agents. Furthermore,  we have gathered for you all you need to know before going to travel in South India.

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