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Central India

Your travel to central India 

Travel in central india with our agency and discover a land of legends where nature and national parcs will take you on a fabulous journey.  

"Being in the middle of a country as diverse as India, Central India affords the best of all to its guests. Primary spanning across the previously biggest Indian state of Madhya Pradesh, Central India is typically the hub of wildlife and there are hundreds of wildlife parks, sanctuaries within this region. Indian Holiday’s tours to Central India are elaborate affairs with excursions to Nagpur, Patna, Bodh Gaya etc. Central India tours are also preferred by Buddhist devotees due to the extensive coverage of Buddhist pilgrim destinations in some of the tours."

Your customized tour in Central India 

Our travel agent selects for you the best deals of tours and stays around central India. Find in the branch "travel itineraries" exemple of tour in South India created by our expert agents. Furthermore,  we have gathered for you all you need to know before going to travel in central India.

Do not hesitate to send us your travel details if you want to create your own customized tour to central India.

For more information about your trip to central India, our operators are ready to listen to you and offer  a travel itinerary related to your wishes and budget. Do not hesitate to contact our travel agency Delhi Tourism services for a personalized quote.


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When to travel in central India

"The best season is from October to late March. At that time the days are mild with temperatures not exceeding 25 to 30 ° C. For cons, the nights are cool and can approach 0 ° C during December and January, or even much lower in the mountains! Before and after this period, that is to say, September and April, temperatures and rates humidity are higher, but conditions remain good From late June to late September, the monsoon prevails but does not make your trip impossible the vegetation is particularly lush while may and June are to be avoided as much as possible... it is very hot and humid. the hotel infrastructure is not as developed as in Rajasthan and Kerala, for example, it is sometimes difficult to find air-conditioned rooms off the beaten track, which can make the trip more complicated. For safari in the Jungle Book, do not forget that the reserves are closed from 1 July to 31 October. For tours to the Ganges in Varanasi, we recommend the period extending from mid-September to mid-November, and the period from mid-April to mid-June; the first period is recommended for its climate (fresh and clear skies), while the second to the fact that it corresponds to the dates of the great pilgrimages. Outside these times, travel is impossible. "

Very happy with this trip !

"Our trip was so well organised and we felt safe travelling with this agency , India is such an increadible country and I would strongly recommand to book a trip with Vijay . He always has been here for us before and during the trip and even when we decided to change our itinerary during the trip , he did his best to make our wishes come true" Amanda and Danny from Australia. December 2010

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