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Your travel to rajasthan

Rajasthan the land of Maharajats and magical romance .Travel to India and visit the romantic Rajasthan region where everything is possible. Tour from Delhi to Pushkar and travel to the Taj Mahal of Agra, one of the most famous places to visit in North India.

"Folklore of heroism and romance resound from the formidable monuments that majestically stand to tell the tale of a bygone era. The magic of vibrant Rajasthan - its rich heritage, colourful culture, exciting desert safaris, shining sand-dunes, amazing variety lush forests and varied wildlife - makes it a destination different and romantic. Rajasthan is often portrayed as one vast open-air museum, with its relics so well preserved that it delights even the most skeptical traveler.

It is an amazing destination for the outdoor-tourist – you can take a safari on horses, camels, elephants or even in jeeps, with the Aravalis - One of India's oldest mountain range as the backdrop. Feast your eyes on spectacular sand-dunes, take the tiger trail, or just watch the birds in the wetlands. You can also choose to pamper yourself in the lavish heritage properties. Rajasthan has something for everyone –  one just has to choose an activity appropriate to one's temperament."

For more information go on : http://www.rajasthantourism.gov.in/About-Rajasthan.aspx


Your customized tour to Rajasthan

Our travel agent selects for you the best deals of tours and stays around central India. Find in the branch "travel itineraries" exemple of tour in South India created by our expert agents. Furthermore,  we have gathered for you all you need to know before going to travel in Rajasthan.

Do not hesitate to send us your travel details if you want to create your own customized tour to Rajasthan.

For more information about your trip to rajasthan, our operators are ready to listen to you and offer  a travel itinerary related to your wishes and budget. Do not hesitate to contact our travel agency Delhi Tourism services for a personalized quote.


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