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Travel to Ganges river valley

Travel to the Ganges River valley

Dive in the heart of the Ganges river valley, a very high place of spirituality where Hinduism has been developed. The region of Ganges is illuminated by the holy city of all the holy cities in India: Varanasi-Benares where all Hindus want to die. Here they come for pilgrimage to offer flowers to the sacred river, incense or dead burnt bodies. Hindus are used to burn their dead whose ashes are then offered to the sacred river Ganges. They believe that the river will rebound life and light from ashes.

During your tour in this vibrant valley, discover the city of Orccha and its temples and mausoleums built during the the dynasty of Bundela or the unique artistic and captivating erotic temples of Khajuraho which are just some of the beautiful wonders that the Ganges river valley offers . A tour in this enchanting valley of water and light will become a unique and rich experience to remember.

Your customized tour in the Ganges river valley

Our travel agent selects for you the best deals of tours and stays around the Ganges river valley. Find in the branch "travel itineraries" exemple of tour in ganges river valley created by our expert agents. Furthermore,  we have gathered for you all you need to know before going to travel to India under "travel advices".

Do not hesitate to send us your travel details if you want to create your own customized tour to the Ganges river valley in India. 

For more information about your trip to the Ganges river valley, our operators are ready to listen to you and offer  a travel itinerary related to your wishes and budget. Do not hesitate to contact our travel agency Delhi Tourism services for a personalized quote.


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First trip to northerm india increadible !

When I arrived in India for the first time, I thought I could easily travel by my own without an organised planning and trip but I quicly realised how complicated it was for a woman to travel alone. India is a spacial and amazing country but you have to be careful. I was a bit lost when I arrived in Delhi Tourism Services offices. M.KUMAR Ajay did his best to explain a lot of things about Indian culture and told me it was safer to travel with a bit of organisation. I ended booking a tour with the agency at a very reasonalble price for 2 weeks. M y stay in India was great :) Mathilde. Paris. January 2009

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